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Public Preview: Azure NetApp Files Standard Network Features - Edit Volumes in US Gov Regions

Published date: February 06, 2024

We are announcing the public preview of Edit network features for Azure NetApp Files volumes in US Gov regions (VA, TX, & AZ) which has been made possible by innovative hardware and software integration. Standard Network Features provide you with an enhanced Virtual Networking experience for a seamless and consistent experience along with security posture for Azure NetApp Files.  

You are now able to edit existing ANF volumes and upgrading Basic network features to Standard network features.

Upon choosing Standard network features, you can now take advantage of the below supported following new features for ANF volumes/delegated subnets: 

  • Increased IP limits for the Vnets with ANF volumes at par with VMs to enable customers to provision ANF volumes in their existing topologies/architectures. This eliminates the need for you to rearchitect you network topologies to use ANF for workloads like VDI, WVD or AKS. 
  • Enhanced network security with support for Network Security Groups on the Azure NetApp Files delegated subnet. NSGs on the ANF delegated subnets have been a long standing ask from customers to meet enterprise security requirements. 
  • Enhanced network control with support for User-defined routes to and from Azure NetApp Files delegated subnets. You can now direct the traffic to and from Azure NetApp Files via your choice of Network Virtual Appliances for traffic inspection. 
  • Connectivity over Active/Active VPN gateway setup for highly available connectivity to ANF from on-prem. 
  • ExpressRoute FastPath connectivity to Azure NetApp Files. FastPath is designed to improve the data path performance (low latency and high bandwidth connectivity) between on-premises network and Azure virtual network. 

This public preview is currently available in all the US Gov Regions (VA, TX, & AZ). 

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