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Power BI REST API with ‘Try-it’ tool allows you to try APIs without any code

Published date: June 07, 2019

Anyone with a Power BI license can now log into the account to see how the Power BI REST API works, get information, or perform operation on Power BI artifacts you have access to - without writing any code using the new Power BI API Try-it tool.

‘Try-it’ enables you to explore how each REST call works, what are the required params, structure of response or errors, and what data comes back, all within a minute!

How can I use ‘Try-it’?

  1. Go to Power BI REST API documentation
  2. Choose a specific API call that you wish to use or explore. Inside the documentation you will find the HTTP URL structure. On the top-right corner you will find a green button with the text ‘Try it’. Click on the green button.
  1. Once clicked, a right pane will open, asking you to sign in to your AAD account.
  1. After signing in, the Tool will open in the right pane. You can add parameters to the call to get specific result. Some calls require to mention specific parameters. For example, ‘Get Reports In Group’ needs the Workspace (group) ID to perform the call.
  1. Click ‘Run’ and see the response.
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