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Generally available: Find developer resources easily with the IoT Central GitHub repository

Published date: February 08, 2022

Build solutions on Azure IoT Central and access architecture docs, integration patterns, tools, and sample code in a single, consolidated place.

  • Connect your devices and take full advantage of all the features that Azure IoT Central offers
  • Debug and test your devices that are connected to Azure IoT Central
  • Build companion applications using the Azure IoT Central APIs
  • Transform and compute your device data when connecting to Azure IoT Central

Check out the Awesome IoT Central GitHub repo and get started on your solution development today.

& Awesome IOT Central A collection Of useful re-sources for creating solutions with IOT Central that make you say •Wow. this is amazing"- index Architecture guidance • Connecting dwices Testing devices Compa nion experiences • Transformation and comp Additional resources Architecture guidance - IOT Central as part Of & Connect devices A curated list Of repositories that show you to code devices to take full advantage Of Central features such as its multi-hub high availability capabilities: Rep sitory iot •central • high •ava Sample code that you how to code a high avaaability device

  • Azure IoT Central
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