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Generally Available: Azure Backup Server V4

Published date: May 03, 2023

V4 is the latest upgrade for Microsoft Azure Backup Server (MABS). Azure Backup Server can now be installed on Windows Server 2022 with SQL Server 2022 as its database. MABS V4 brings key enhancements in the areas of workload support, performance and security.
Workload Support
Azure Backup Server V4 adds support for installation on Windows Server 2022 with SQL Server 2022 as the MABS database. It additionally adds support for backup of VMs running on Azure Stack HCI 22H2 and VMware 8.0 along with backup of Windows Server 2022 & SQL Server 2022.
Azure Backup Server V4 adds the ability to select and restore individual files/folders from online recovery points for Hyper-V and Azure Stack HCI VMs running Windows Server without downloading the whole recovery point. MABS V4 also adds support for parallel restores and increasing the maximum number of parallel online backup jobs.
With Azure Backup Server V4, you can use private endpoints to send your online backups to Azure Backup Recovery Services vault.

Visit what’s new in MABS to learn more.

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