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Generally available: IP-based website protection for Azure Static Web Apps

Published date: October 13, 2021

IP-based access restriction allows you to control access to your website based on IP address ranges. Only users who access your website from the defined IP addresses are allowed to view and access your application and its resources. 

In addition to IP address ranges, you can also restrict access to your application by Azure service tags. By specifying the service tag name in the application configuration, you can allow traffic for the corresponding service. For example, you can securely configure Azure Front Door as enterprise-grade edge for your Azure Static Web App by restricting access to the ““AzureFrontDoor.Backend” service tag. Learn more with this tutorial

The new access restriction capabilities add to a growing list of Static Web Apps security features that also includes built-in and custom authentication, and private endpoints. 

To get started, see the documentation on  configuring Static Web Apps.

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