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Generally available: Azure Monitor agent support for Windows clients

Published date: October 12, 2022

The Azure Monitor agent and data collection rules now support Windows 10 and 11 client devices via the new Windows MSI installer. Extend the use of the same agent for telemetry and security management (using Sentinel) across your service and device landscape. Learn more.

  • The client devices running the agent need to be AAD-joined or hybrid AAD-joined, as the agent relies on AAD device identity for secure authentication.
  • While it deploys the same agent which uses data collection rules for managing agent configuration, it only allows association (or targeting) at the AAD tenant level for client devices. Granular device targeting is not available yet.
  • The underlying agent is the same as the generally available one used on virtual machines or servers, i.e., this does not have any client optimizations for battery, network, etc. Refer to the existing product documentation.

Follow these steps to configure the new installer to collect data from your client devices and share your feedback with us to address your requirements better. 

Click here to learn about AMA at Ignite 2022.

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