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General availability: Introducing NGads V620 Series VMs optimized for gaming scenarios

Published date: November 08, 2023

The NGads V620 series are GPU-enabled virtual machines powered by AMD Radeon(tm) PRO V620 GPUs and AMD EPYC 7763(Milan) CPUs.  The NGads V620 VMs provide GPU, CPU and memory resources optimized for a high quality, interactive gaming experience hosted in Azure. 

The VMs feature GPU Partitioning to provide VMs with ¼, ½ or 1 whole GPU, allowing customers to right-size their choice for the performance and cost for their business need. The NGads V620 series also features NVMe drives standard with each VM size, with up to 1025 GB of temp storage for very fast local data access.

The other critical component provided by the NGads V620 series is the AMD Software: Cloud Edition, which targets the same optimizations available in the consumer gaming version of the AMD Adrenaline driver.  It is further tested and optimized for the cloud environment and is updated frequently to capture the latest game releases.  

The AMD Software: Cloud Edition includes support for accelerated virtual desktop environments, with Radeon PRO optimizations to support high-end workstation applications for design or rendering.

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