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General availability: CSI storage driver support on Azure Kubernetes Service

Published date: August 18, 2021

The Container Storage Interface (CSI) is a standard for exposing block and file storage systems to containerized workloads on Kubernetes. By adopting and using CSI, AKS now can write, deploy, and rapidly iterate plugins exposing new or enhanced storage capabilities in Kubernetes without having to touch the core Kubernetes code and waiting for its release cycles. CSI also provides API standardization for integrations with well-known monitoring and data protection solutions.

We are announcing the general availability of CSI storage driver support on AKS, which allows users to natively leverage:

  • Azure Disk Storage: Azure Disk Storage offers high-performance, highly durable block storage for your mission- and business-critical workloads. Azure Disk Storage allow you to achieve sub-millisecond latency with high performance for throughput and transaction-intensive workloads. Learn more.
  • Azure Files: Azure Files offers a fully managed, serverless file share that can be mounted concurrently by multiple pods. Azure Files makes it easy to “lift and shift” applications to the cloud that expect a file share to store files or user data.  Learn more

Kubernetes will be transitioning from in-tree to CSI storage drivers with Kubernetes v1.21 with CSI being the future of storage in Kubernetes.

Learn more.

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