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GA: Azure Functions supports .NET 8 in the isolated worker model

Published date: November 14, 2023

Azure Functions now supports .NET 8 for applications using the isolated worker model. Support is available for Windows and Linux on the Consumption, Elastic Premium, and App Service plan hosting options.

Functions projects using the latest versions of Microsoft.Azure.Functions.Worker and Microsoft.Azure.Functions.Worker.Sdk can adjust their target framework setting without the need for additional changes.

These projects can be deployed to function apps configured to use .NET 8. Note that for a short period of time immediately following this announcement, Windows apps may experience additional impact from cold starts.

.NET 8 on the isolated worker model is the new recommended default for .NET function apps, and this will be reflected in tooling updates released after this announcement.

Support for .NET 8 does not currently extend to applications using the in-process model. See the August 2023 roadmap update for more information regarding support timelines.

For more information about .NET 8 on the isolated worker model, see the developer guide.

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