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Generally Available: Azure Monitor container insights offers customizable cost optimization settings

Published date: August 01, 2023

Container insights expands on the cost optimization settings public preview, by now allowing a third dimension for adjusting container insights data collection settings, with per-table configuration. Customers can now individually select which data tables* to ingest into their Log Analytics workspace:

  • Perf
  • InsightsMetrics
  • ContainerInventory
  • ContainerNodeInventory
  • KubeNodeInventory
  • KubePodInventory
  • KubePVInventory
  • KubeServices
  • KubeEvents

*Note that all the above tables are required for the default container insights visualizations, applying custom per-table configurations by dropping one or more tables will render the visualizations unavailable

Per-table configurations can be enabled via ARM, CLI, and Azure Portal. Portal users will have the ability to select from bundled data tables defined as the following:

  • Performance
  • Logs and events
  • Workloads, deployments, and HPAs
  • Persistent volumes

This feature continues to support the public preview offering, which enabled users to specify how often to collect data between 1 and 30 minutes at one-minute increments. And users can opt to include or exclude certain namespaces from their data ingestion.

Learn how to setup the cost optimization settings:

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