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Azure Security Center update July 1

Published date: July 06, 2018

The July 1, 2018, update for Azure Security Center includes many new features:

  • New overview dashboard
    The Azure Security Center overview dashboard was redesigned to provide cross-subscription reports for security posture metrics and actionable insights. The dashboard introduces two new concepts:
    • Subscription coverage: View status and identify of subscriptions for which you lack adequate security control. 
    • Policy compliance: Monitor organizational adherence to resource security policies.
      Learn more: What is Azure Security Center?.
  • New recommendations for identity and app services (public preview) (Security Center standard version only)
    Security Center has expanded coverage of identity and app service activities, as follows:
    • Identity recommendations
      By integrating with Azure Active Directory, Security Center provides identity recommendations to help secure your Azure management app and apply security best practices. Monitor your identity security status from the overview dashboard and view a list of detected identity issues. Learn more: Monitor identity and access in Azure Security Center
    • App service recommendations
      New PaaS service recommendations for web and function apps help you maintain a secure workload. Monitor your web and function app status from the overview dashboard and view recommendations for app services. Learn more: Protecting your machines and applications in Azure Security Center.
  • Threat detection coverage for Azure App Service applications (public preview) (Security Center standard version only)
    Receive Security Center alerts when threats are detected on App Service applications. Learn more: Azure Security Center can identify attacks targeting Azure App Service applications
  • Integration with Qualys support for Linux VMs
    Security Center provides a vulnerability assessment for virtual machines. For vulnerability assessment recommendations, integration is now supported with Qualys for Linux VMs. Learn more: Vulnerability assessment in Azure Security Center.
  • Additional Linux VM support
    Security Center support for Linux VMs now encompasses the full list of VMs supported by Operations Management Suite. Learn more and get a list of supported Linux VMs: Supported Linux operating systems
  • Microsoft Defender for Cloud
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