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Azure IoT Central new and updated features—August 2020

Published date: September 14, 2020

Jobs improvements

Jobs creation has been redesigned with a new wizard experience you can use to create, run, and save a jobs:

  • Select a device group and job type to configure a new job.
  • To run the job later, save and exit the wizard.
  • Review and run the job.

You can now navigate easily between the last 30 days of job runs and saved jobs.

File upload support added

Upload media and files from your devices to the cloud. Files are stored in an Azure storage endpoint.

New data export capabilities (preview)

Send filtered and enriched data from your devices in near real time to your cloud destinations to unlock business insights with IoT data.

Device developer documentation improvements

The new troubleshooting guide for device developers helps you debug and troubleshoot the common device connectivity and payload shape issues. A new article shows you how to roll X.509 device certificates in the event of certificate expiration or a security breach.

CLI improvements

To expand the capabilities of the CLI, we've re-organized the commands in the azure-iot extension. New commands include az iot central user, az iot central api-token, and az iot central device compute-device-key to generate a device SAS key for provisioning.

Two commands have moved to a new area:

We've also improved the az iot central app --help documentation to provide clearer guidance and examples. For a full list of commands, see az iot central.

Reduced application provisioning time

Provisioning a new IoT Central application now takes seconds instead of minutes, letting you get started within seconds of creating an application. This also streamlines creating IoT Central applications programmatically. The improvement is a result of optimized architecture and integration with the Device Provisioning Service (a core Azure IoT component).

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