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Announcing Public Preview of Azure API Management Pricing Tiers: Basic v2 and Standard v2

Published date: October 10, 2023

We're thrilled to announce the public preview launch of our latest Azure API Management pricing tiers: Basic v2 and Standard v2. These new tiers address highly sought-after customer requests, bring quality-of-service enhancements, and offer a flexible starting point for API Management, allowing organizations of any size to embark on their API journey.

During the preview phase, Basic v2 and Standard v2 tiers are accessible in select public regions for newly created service instances. Please note that some features currently available in the existing tiers may not be accessible in the new tiers during this preview period. Here are some key features of Basic v2 and Standard v2 tiers:

  • Faster deployment and scaling: Deploy a new, production-ready API Management service instance in minutes. Scale it out or in quickly to meet the ever-evolving needs of your API management workloads. 

  • Private networking: The new tiers support networking options for isolating the network traffic to and from your API Management service instance. 

  • Standard v2 now supports VNet Integration, enabling outbound traffic to be restricted to a single connected VNet. As we get close to general availability, both Basic v2 and Standard v2 will support Private Link for securing inbound and outbound API traffic. 

  • Higher scale: Basic v2 and Standard v2 tiers support up to ten scale units 5X and 2.5X improvement, respectively.  

  • Resiliency: Standard v2 will support highly available deployment configurations currently available only in the Premium tier – i.e., availability zones and multi-region deployments. 

  • Hybrid: Standard v2 will support the management of APIs on-premises and in other clouds via the self-hosted gateway feature. 

For more details on this new pricing SKU, please visit

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