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General availability: Azure Data Explorer adds support for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and CosmosDB SQL external tables

Published date: July 10, 2023

We are excited to announce that Azure Data Explorer now supports three new types of external tables: PostgreSQL, MySQL, and CosmosDB SQL. External tables enable you to query data stored in external data sources as if they were regular tables in Azure Data Explorer, without ingesting or copying the data. This allows you to leverage the power and scalability of Azure Data Explorer to analyze and join data from different sources, while reducing storage and operational costs.

With the new types of external tables, you can now query data PostgreSQL, MySQL, and CosmosDB SQL databases using the familiar Kusto Query Language (KQL). To use external tables, you need to create an external data source that defines the connection details and credentials for the external database, and then create an external table that maps the schema and properties of the external data.

You can find the detailed documentation on how to use external tables here:

We hope you enjoy this new feature and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on how to improve Azure Data Explorer.

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