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Azure updates

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    May 2018

    May 1

    Secure credential management by using Azure Key Vault and Data Factory

    Azure Data Factory is now integrated with Azure Key Vault. You can store credentials for your data stores and computes referred in Data Factory ETL workloads in a key vault.

    January 2018

    Jan 26

    Visual tools added to Azure Data Factory

    In response to your feedback, we're happy to announce the release of visual tools for Azure Data Factory that allow you to get pipelines up and running quickly without having to write a single line of code.

    September 2017

    Sep 26

    Azure Data Factory new capabilities

    New Azure Data Factory features, now in public preview, will enable you to build hybrid data integration so that you'll be able to create, schedule, and orchestrate your ETL/ELT workflows, at scale, wherever your data lives, including the cloud or any self-hosted network.