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April 2020

Apr 2

Direct Upload of Azure Managed Disks is generally available


Direct upload of Azure Managed Disks provides a simplified workflow for uploading an on-premises VHD directly into an empty managed disk or copy a managed disk to another Azure region for regional migration or expansion.

  • Managed Disks

March 2020

Mar 27

Filesystem SDKs for Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 now generally available


Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 Python, .NET, Java, and JS filesystem SDKs are now generally available in all Azure regions.

  • Azure Data Lake Storage
Mar 26

Azure SDKs General Availability - March 2020


Additional libraries for working with Azure services are now generally available.

  • Event Hubs
  • Key Vault
  • App Configuration
  • Security
Mar 18

Azure Shared Disks for clustered applications preview now available


Azure Shared Disks is a shared block storage offering, enabling customers to run latency-sensitive workloads without compromising on well-known deployment patterns for fast failover and high availability.

  • Managed Disks
Mar 4

Active Directory for authentication on SMB access to Azure File in preview


Azure Files Active Directory (AD) Authentication is now in preview. Use it to mount your Azure Files using AD credentials with the exact same access control experience as on-premises.

  • File Storage
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Security

February 2020

Feb 26

Azure StorSimple 8000/1200 series will no longer be supported starting December 31, 2022

Target retirement date: December 31, 2022

Microsoft has been expanding the portfolio of Azure Hybrid storage capabilities with new services for data tiering and cloud ingestion, providing more options to customers for storing data in Azure in native formats. In conjunction with this, support for the following StorSimple versions will end December 31, 2022.

  • StorSimple

January 2020

Jan 18

Azure Data Factory copy activity supports resume from last failed run


Azure Data Factory copy activity now supports resume from last failed run when you copy files between file-based data stores to ease large volumes of data ingestion and migration.

  • Data Factory

December 2019

Dec 18

Azure Data Box Disk is now available in East Asia


Azure Data Box Disk is now available in the East Asia (Hong Kong) region. This is in addition to the other Azure regions where Data Box Disk is already available—US, EU, Canada, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Azure Government (US).

  • Data Box Disk
Dec 12

Azure Data Factory supports preserving metadata during file copy


Azure Data Factory copy activity now supports preserving metadata during file copy among Amazon S3, Azure Blob, and Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.

  • Data Factory
  • Blob Storage
  • Azure Data Lake Storage

November 2019

Nov 15

Azure Logic Apps updates for September and October 2019


The Azure Logic Apps updates for September and October 2019 include features, connector updates, and announcements about regional deployments.

  • Logic Apps
Nov 6

HDInsight HBase Accelerated Writes is now generally available


Target availability: Q4 2019

The accelerated writes feature in the HDInsight HBase cluster attaches a Premium SSD managed disk to every region server (worker node). Write ahead logs are configured to be written to Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) mounted on premium managed disks instead of standard Azure page blobs. Premium managed disks are SSD-based and offer excellent I/O performance with fault tolerance. Using premium managed disks for WALs allows us to separate write ahead log storage from Apache HBase data storage.

  • HDInsight
Nov 4

Azure Monitor—Application change analysis updates


A number of new capabilities for Azure Monitor application change analysis have been added, including at scale onboarding, richer diagnostics, impact analysis and more new features.

  • Azure Monitor
Nov 4

New App Service Integration with Azure Monitor (preview)


App Service now has improved integration with Azure Monitor, the cloud's centralized telemetry service. This gives development and operations teams greater insight into their Windows and Linux web apps.

  • App Service
  • Azure Monitor
Nov 4

Azure NetApp Files HANA certification and new region availability


Azure NetApp Files , one of the fastest growing bare-metal Azure services, has achieved SAP HANA certification for both scale-up and scale-out deployments.

  • File Storage
Nov 4

New Azure SDKs for Azure Storage and Key Vault are now available


Today we're please to announce the general availability for our unified Azure libraries for Azure Storage and Key Vault across .NET, Java, JavaScript and Python

Nov 4

Azure HPC Cache is now available


High-performance workloads that require file access can now use Azure HPC Cache to minimize latency, improve availability, and increase throughput.

  • Azure HPC Cache
Nov 4

Streamline data analytics processes with ADLS Gen2 events in Azure Event Grid


Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 can now publish events about individual changes to files and directories to Azure Event Grid.

  • Event Grid
  • Azure Data Lake Storage

October 2019

Oct 16

Performance-optimized storage configuration for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines


Self-installations of SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines can now benefit from performance-optimized storage configurations when they register with Resource Provider.

  • Virtual Machines
Oct 10

Azure FXT Edge Filer now available in South Korea


Hybrid storage appliances expand availability in APAC

  • Azure FXT Edge Filer
Oct 3

Azure Data Share—Support for sharing data from Azure SQL and SQL Data Warehouse


Azure Data Share service has added support for snapshot-based sharing from Azure SQL Database and SQL Data Warehouse. It's now possible to share both structured data (from Azure SQL and SQL DW) and unstructured data (from Azure Data Lake Store and Blob storage) with centralized management and governance.

  • Azure Data Share
  • Azure SQL Database
  • Azure Synapse Analytics

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