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Azure updates

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    October 2018

    Oct 11

    Azure Container Instances now available in Central India and South Central US

    Target availability: October, 2018

    Azure Container Instances supports Linux and Windows containers in two new regions: Central India (Pune) and South Central US (Texas).

    September 2018

    Sep 26

    Azure Security Center innovations now available in preview

    Azure Security Center Secure Score, which provides visibility and recommendations to improve your security posture for Azure resources, is now available in preview.

    Sep 25

    Linux preview support of custom virtual networks on Azure Container Instances

    You can now provision Linux containers into new or existing virtual networks with Azure Container Instances. This support is in preview for Linux in two regions: West US and West Europe.

    Sep 24

    Service Fabric now available on Azure Stack

    Service Fabric, a distributed systems platform that makes it easy to package, deploy, and manage scalable and reliable microservices and containers, is now available on Azure Stack.

    Sep 24

    Azure Functions—Consumption plan for Linux in preview

    Azure Functions now supports consumption plan for deploying to Linux.

    Sep 24

    New full stack monitoring capabilities in Azure Monitor

    We're bringing together our existing capabilities for monitoring infrastructure, apps, and networks under the moniker of Azure Monitor to provide a unified offering that delivers full stack monitoring for your applications.

    Sep 24

    Bring your own storage to App Service on Linux

    App Service now supports the ability for customers to bring additional storage accounts to their Linux web apps

    Sep 21

    Pipeline container jobs - Sprint 140 Update

    In the Sprint 140 Update of Azure DevOps Services, you'll find a new way to customize build dependencies to your specific requirements with the introduction of container jobs in Azure Pipelines.

    August 2018

    Aug 8

    App Service Windows Container in preview

    Windows Server container support in App Service is now available in preview.

    July 2018

    Jul 16

    What’s new in Azure Monitor—container health

    New feature updates to have been released for Azure Monitor container health for Azure Kubernetes Service since the successful public preview launch at the //build conference.

    Jul 16

    Azure Service Fabric introduces its fully managed option, Service Fabric Mesh

    Azure Service Fabric introduces its fully managed option, Service Fabric Mesh, for building, deploying, and running business-critical microservice applications.

    May 2018

    May 21

    Visual Studio Team Services | Azure DevOps Projects

    Use Azure DevOps Projects to start running your application on Azure App Service or Virtual Machine hosts.

    May 21

    Azure Container Registry

    Azure Container Registry provides a managed Docker registry service to store and manage private container images.

    May 21

    Azure Container Instances on Windows and Linux

    Azure Container Instances offers an on-demand compute service delivering rapid deployment of containers with no virtual machine management and elastic cloud scale.

    May 21

    Azure Service Fabric | Service Fabric Mesh

    Azure Service Fabric is a microservice platform for business critical applications.

    May 21

    Azure App Service | Debug, diagnostics, easy authentication

    Azure App Service is getting new capabilities with the latest updates. Mundane developer tasks are simpler with App Service diagnostics, remote debugging for container-based apps, and easy authentication extended to App Service on Linux.

    May 21

    Microsoft Cognitive Services | Custom Vision Service API

    Custom Vision Service API aims to identify trained objects and show their location within images.

    May 7

    GUID migration: Container Instances

    Container Instances is now available in the West US, West US 2, East US, West Europe, North Europe, and Southeast Asia regions. Starting July 1, 2018, the global GUIDs will be split out into regional GUIDs.

    May 7

    Multi-container support from Azure App Service

    You can now deploy web apps composed of multiple Docker containers to App Service on Linux, which takes care of capacity provisioning, load balancing, and underlying infrastructure maintenance. With this new capability, you can easily bring your Docker Compose or Kubernetes Pod definition to App Service and use powerful App Service capabilities such as built-in CI/CD, auto scaling, and intelligent diagnostics.

    May 7

    Windows Server Container support from App Service

    We are actively working on Windows Server Container support from App Service. Once support is available, developers will be able to lift and shift their .NET apps to Windows Server Container and deploy to Azure App Service.