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April 2020

Apr 2

Azure Cognitive Services—Neural Text to Speech has new voice styles


Neural Text to Speech now has new voice styles—newscast, customer service, and digital assistant. Tailor the voice of your apps and services to fit your unique scenario using these new styles, and further customize your voice to express different emotions to fit the context, like cheerfulness or empathy.

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March 2020

Mar 19

101 services at FedRAMP High as Azure Government continues expanding capacity


21 new services added to FedRAMP High ATO, delivering on continued commitment to accelerating compliance for government customers

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  • Azure Blueprints
  • Cloud Shell
  • Cognitive Search
  • Azure Stack Edge
  • Azure Data Explorer
  • Azure Database Migration Service
  • Azure Dedicated HSM
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  • Azure Resource Graph
  • Azure Stream Analytics
  • Cost Management + Billing
  • Network Watcher
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Mar 13

Azure Cognitive Services—Brazilian Portuguese added to neural Text to Speech


Target availability: Q1 2020

Francisca, our new Brazilian Portuguese (pt-BR) voice, has been added to neural Text to Speech. Francisca features the same human-like natural prosody of the other neural Text to Speech voices on Azure.

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December 2019

Dec 19

Azure Cognitive Speech Services meter ID changes

Effective February 1, 2020, the Resource GUIDs (also known as Meter IDs) of Custom Voice endpoint hosting in Speech Services will change. Billing will change from daily to hourly.

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April 2019

Apr 1

Speech service region expansion to ten additional regions


The post is about informing customer of the ten new regions Speech is now available.

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September 2018

Sep 24

Azure Cognitive Services—Speech Service now generally available


Speech service is now generally available, combining the following capabilities in one service: speech-to-text; text-to-speech; custom speech; and speech translation.

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