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Azure updates

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August 2018

Aug 20

Kafka 1.1 support on Azure HDInsight

HDInsight now supports Kafka 1.1.

June 2018

Jun 27

Updates to Hadoop, Spark, and Data Lake Storage Gen2 on Azure HDInsight

We’re announcing several new capabilities across a wide range of OSS frameworks and support of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 on Azure HDInsight.

September 2017

Sep 26

Azure HDInsight—Interactive querying and Log Analytics

HDInsight now has two additional features available—HDI Interactive Query, and Azure Log Analytics.

May 2017

May 10

Introducing the Azure app (preview)

With the Azure mobile app, you can check status and critical metrics of your Azure resources, get notifications and alerts, and perform simple operations to resolve common issues.

May 2

HDInsight—Cloud-first with Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6

Operating a cloud service like HDInsight, fully managed and backed by enterprise-grade SLA, will enable customers to deploy the latest bits of Hadoop and Spark on demand. To that end, we're excited to announce that the latest Hortonworks Data Platform 2.6 will be continuously available to HDInsight even before its on-premises release.

April 2017

Apr 26

Web Log Analytics for Azure HDInsight

Azure HDInsight will soon include specific tasks—such as doing Web Log Analytics on Azure Website—in the query console.

February 2017

Feb 28

Public preview: Azure HDInsight 3.6 with Apache Spark 2.1

Azure HDInsight 3.6 with Apache Spark 2.1 is in public preview.

Feb 6

Announcing the new Azure Marketplace experience

The new Azure Marketplace experience will help you discover and deploy products, deep dive for more info, and get hands-on experience.

November 2016

Nov 16

General availability: R Server on HDInsight

R Server on HDInsight is generally available. It enables scalable machine learning in the R language and several new features, such as integration with Spark 2.0 and Spark data sources.

June 2016

Jun 6

General availability: Spark on HDInsight

Spark on Azure HDInsight is generally available. It brings an industry-leading availability SLA of 99.9 percent, scalable storage, and productivity tools for interactive big-data exploration and development.

Jun 6

General availability: HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ

We're excited to announce the general availability of the HDInsight Tools plug-in for IntelliJ, which helps users develop Java Spark applications on Azure HDInsight.

April 2016

Apr 29

New Dv2 instances for Azure HDInsight

A new instance size, D5 v2, extends the Dv2-Series for Azure HDInsight. It has 16 cores and 56 GB of memory.

Apr 5

HDInsight enables customizations to live, running clusters

HDInsight enables Script Action–based customizations to live, running clusters.

Apr 1

Azure HDInsight supports R for machine learning and new updates to Spark and Hadoop

Azure HDInsight can run 100 percent open-source R to do machine learning and has new updates on the latest Hadoop and Spark components from Hortonworks.

February 2016

Feb 19

Public preview: HDInsight Tools for IntelliJ

HDinsight Tools for IntelliJ (Preview) makes HDInsight Spark development easier. Check out this service update to learn more!

Feb 4

Azure HDInsight leverages new generation of D-Series instances

Azure HDInsight is now available on Dv2-Series instances, which offer CPUs that run up to 35 percent faster than the current D-Series.

December 2015

Dec 16

Azure HDInsight supports latest projects from Apache Hadoop

Azure HDInsight now supports the latest projects from Apache Hadoop.

October 2015

Oct 2

General availability: Apache Hadoop on Linux in HDInsight

You can now select Linux clusters when deploying Apache Hadoop workloads in Azure HDInsight and more easily move existing Hadoop workloads into the cloud with an expanded set of open source, big data components running managed Hadoop in Azure.

July 2015

Jul 10

Public preview: Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight

Apache Spark for Azure HDInsight provides a fast and easy way to run interactive data analysis on large data sets.

April 2015

Apr 8

HDInsight: HBase cluster type supports cluster scaling

Seamlessly add or remove nodes to your HBase cluster while it is running by using the Cluster Scaling feature.