Azure updates

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    June 2018

    Jun 5

    General availability: Azure mobile app for Android and iOS

    The Azure mobile app is generally available, so you can stay connected to your Azure resources—anytime, anywhere.

    September 2017

    Sep 26

    Public preview: PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell

    PowerShell in Azure Cloud Shell is available in public preview. It provides an alternative to the existing Bash experience (also in public preview) while retaining the benefits of Cloud Shell.

    Sep 21

    Support for blob storage lease management from the Azure portal

    You can conveniently manage leases on containers and blobs of storage accounts right from the Azure portal.

    Sep 21

    Azure Cloud Shell: New CLI tools added and font-size selection

    Microsoft routinely maintains and updates Azure Cloud Shell, including the addition of new CLI tools to improve your productivity. Learn about the CLI tools we recently added.

    Sep 5

    Manage stored access policies for storage accounts from within the Azure portal

    You can now manage the stored access policies for your storage accounts from within the Azure portal.

    August 2017

    Aug 23

    Azure Cloud Shell: Generate scripts by using mssql-scripter

    Use mssql-scripter, an open-source command-line interface, to generate database scripts in Azure Cloud Shell.

    July 2017

    Jul 26

    New look for Azure Storage overview blade in the portal

    In the Azure portal, the overview blade for storage accounts now loads faster, allows quickly accessible links to storage services, and includes upgraded metrics charts.

    Jul 18

    Improvements to blob upload blade in Azure portal

    There are multiple enhancements and fixes to the blob upload experience for storage accounts in the Azure portal.

    January 2017

    Jan 26

    Get early access to the newest Azure portal features

    You can get early access to preview features in the Azure portal before they're broadly available.

    April 2016

    Apr 12

    Global search in the Azure portal

    In the Azure portal, you can jump to your resources, resource groups, and subscriptions no matter what you have open by using the global search box.

    Apr 6

    Self-Service Troubleshooting for App Service Web Apps Customers

    The App Service team is shipping customer-facing supportability features to go along with Azure Functions and App Service Certificates.

    Apr 6

    Introducing App Service Certificates

    Azure App Service customers can use App Service Certificates to purchase, configure, and manage SSL certificates from the Azure portal.

    March 2016

    Mar 14

    Enhancements to the Azure portal

    Various bug fixes and feature enhancements to the Azure portal.

    Mar 8

    App Service advisor: Recommendations

    Live recommendations for resource exhaustion have been released to the App Service advisor, and a feedback option is available.

    January 2016

    Jan 14

    General availability: SQL Database Index Advisor

    Improve the performance of your Azure SQL Databases by using index tuning recommendations provided by Index Advisor.

    December 2015

    Dec 2

    General availability: new Azure portal

    The Azure portal provides large, global, scalable, and available cloud experiences on Azure.

    November 2015

    Nov 24

    Azure preview portal navigation improvements

    View more columns when browsing through a list of resources.

    Nov 23

    Automation: Zoom control added to graphical authoring canvas

    For graphical runbooks in Azure Automation in the Preview portal, you can zoom the canvas to view runbook details or to get a higher level overview.

    Nov 23

    Automation: Search activity library for graphical runbook authoring

    For graphical runbooks in Azure Automation in the Preview portal, you can search the library of activities during runbook authoring.

    Nov 23

    Automation: Configure activity retry in graphical runbooks

    For graphical runbooks in Azure Automation in the Preview portal, you can configure an activity to retry until some conditions are met.