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    April 2019

    Apr 10

    Home realm discovery during sign-in for Microsoft 365 services

    We are changing our Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) sign-in behavior to make room for new authentication methods and improve usability. During sign-in, Azure AD determines where a user needs to authenticate. Azure AD makes intelligent decisions by reading organization and user settings for the username entered on the sign-in page. This is a step towards a password-free future that enables additional credentials like FIDO 2.0.

    Apr 10

    More sign-in options for Microsoft accounts in Microsoft 365

    Target availability: Q2 2019

    We're updating the Microsoft 365 sign-in page for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to add a new sign-in options link. This link will be added only to sign-in pages that accept personal Microsoft accounts.

    January 2019

    Jan 23

    Workday to Azure AD inbound user provisioning is now available

    Securely tap into the rich workforce identity and organization data present in Workday and automate inbound user provisioning into Active Directory and Azure AD.

    November 2018

    Nov 2

    Azure AD group-based licensing management is now available

    Scalably assign Microsoft service licenses to groups of users rather than individuals in Azure AD. 

    October 2018

    Oct 19

    Azure AD activity logs integration with Azure Monitor Diagnostics and Azure Log Analytics is in public preview

    Gain insights from Azure AD user activity logs stored in an Azure storage account and streamed to your preferred SIEM or custom environment, or integration with Azure Log Analytics tools directily in the Azure portal.

    Oct 18

    Send your Azure Active Directory data to Azure Log Analytics

    The ability to forward your Azure Active Directory logs to Azure Log Analytics is now available.

    Oct 11

    Ability to Diagnose and resolve hybrid identity directory errors is now available

    Identify and remediate directory errors caused by duplicate user attributes and orphaned objects, which complicate synchronizing your AD and Azure AD hybrid identity environment.

    Oct 5

    System-assigned Managed Identity for Virtual Machines and Virtual Machine Scale Sets is now available

    Use a system assigned managed identity with a Virtual Machine and Virtual Machine Scale Sets.

    Oct 4

    Self-service password reset from the Windows 10 sign in for hybrid domain joined devices is now available

    Windows 10 devices that are domain-joined to both on-premises AD and cloud Azure AD allow user self-service password reset from the sign in screen.

    Oct 4

    Self-service password reset from the Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 sign in screens is in public preview

    Users with an Azure AD account can now reset their password from the sign in screen of devices using the Windows 7, 8, and 8.1 operating systems.

    September 2018

    Sep 25

    Staged user rollout to Azure AD cloud authentication is in development

    Migrate users from federated authentication to Azure AD cloud authentication in groups or phases and manage from the Azure AD portal.

    Sep 24

    Virtual network peering across Azure Active Directory tenants

    Virtual network peering is now available for virtual networks that belong to subscriptions in different Azure Active Directory tenants.

    Sep 24

    Azure Active Directory conditional access in Azure Databricks

    Azure Databricks now supports Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) conditional access, which allows administrators to control where and when users are permitted to sign in to Azure Databricks. Some of the common concerns this addresses include restricted sign-in access, limited network location access, managing the type of device access as well as restricted access to client applications.

    Sep 24

    Azure Active Directory Integration with Azure Files in preview

    Azure Files Azure AD Integration for SMB access using Azure AD Domain Services is now available in preview.

    Sep 21

    Azure AD Conditional Access: Managed browser support for iOS/Android platforms now in preview

    This feature adds browser support when using application-based conditional access on iOS and Android in the Azure portal.

    Sep 21

    Azure AD terms-of-use now available

    Azure AD Terms of use provides a simple method that organizations can use to present information to end users.

    Sep 21

    Azure AD conditional access for country codes is in public preview

    Set Azure Active Directory conditional access policies based on user country code.

    Sep 21

    Azure AD conditional access support for limited access with Microsoft Cloud App Security is now available

    Azure AD conditional access is now able to provide you with in-session controls to enable limited access within SaaS apps.

    Sep 21

    Microsoft Identity Manager Graph Connector to manage guest access is in public preview

    This feature enables IT to administrator manage identities for B2B guest access via app proxy to on-prem apps which requires an on-premises account.

    Sep 21

    Azure AD conditional access custom controls are in public preview

    Azure Active Directory conditional access now has the ability to add custom controls.