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    ASR on-prem to Azure SAME IP

    Forum: Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

    Inbound traffic to the public ip may be blocked

    Forum: Azure Networking (DNS, Traffic Manager, VPN, VNET)

    Hybrid solution- On premise server and Azure in the cloud

    Forum: Azure Multi-Factor Authentication


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    Allow VPN connection to transit between multiple levels of peering To allow for hub-spoke-hub architecture described here: and allow the VPN connection to be shared through to lower level hubs.

    Enable/support "new" alerts to be altered with/through CLI API

    Hi Please enable support for new alert type through CLI API. Classic is supported We can alter both new and classic alerts in Azure Portal, but only classic alerts with CLI. This should be prioritized as all alerts now will be created in new format to avoid migration later. We use alerting through log analytics and directly per item. Not being able to change alert status automatically during deploys is a bit of a showstopper. I get flashbacks to classic vs. New portal. Asger

    Replace the old View Designer from OMS

    Hi, With the decommissioning of OMS, the View Designer is also gone. There is no other easy way to design dashboards in the portal at this moment. When will the replacement for the View Designer be available?? Cheers, BartT

    Correct your billing system to show only active subscriptions.

    When we first started with Azure a couple of years ago, we had to have support subscriptions and a couple of other items. Now there is only ONE active subscription, but when you login to my billing account for Azure it still shows the 5-6 other CLOSED/INACTIVE subscriptions. These should be archived, or give us the choice to archive them. I'm amazed that the talent at your end does not already have this option in place.

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