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Cray in Azure

A dedicated supercomputer on your virtual network

Microsoft and Cray have partnered to bring you the extreme performance, scalability, and elasticity your most demanding high-performance computing workloads require. Get your own Cray supercomputer delivered as a managed service and run it alongside the other Azure services powering your big compute workflows.

Innovate faster and solve your toughest challenges

Uncover the impossible in climate modeling, precision medicine, oil and gas simulation, manufacturing, and more. Azure and Cray are partnering to make high-performance computing (HPC) more accessible. Get uncompromised performance with a dedicated Cray® XC™ series or Cray® CS™ series supercomputer with attached Cray® ClusterStor™ storage in an Azure datacenter.

Gain access to advanced cloud solutions and AI

Develop modeling and simulation, AI, advanced analytics, deep-learning workflows, and modern applications on a powerful infrastructure. Start with Azure’s H-series and N-series virtual machines and grow to a Cray XC-series or CS-series supercomputer. With Azure, you get the right resources for your end-to-end workflows—including a variety of hardware capabilities and application services.

Bring your simulation data and services closer together

A Cray supercomputer connected to Azure speeds up the flow of data and simplifies communications between resources. Run multi-stage workflows without having to wait for data to transfer to and from your on-premises datacenter. Run simulations on your Cray supercomputer and then do post-processing and product generation on Azure virtual machines. Or use Azure Archive Storage to hold results for later re-analysis.

Simplify your infrastructure management

Lower your total cost of ownership (TCO) and foster collaboration by co-locating your top-end HPC workloads in Azure. Build your initial system at the right size, without worrying about managing facilities for future growth, and give your internal teams a trusted way to share infrastructure and data. With Azure managing the back end of your infrastructure and Cray staff managing your supercomputer, you’re freed up to focus on what you can do with them.

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