Azure Time Series Insights

Drive operational intelligence and transform your business with actionable, real-time insights about IoT-scale time-series data

Time Series Insights is a fully managed, end-to-end solution for IoT insights. Ingest, store, and query highly contextualized, IoT time series data. Use powerful visualization for asset-based data insights and rich, interactive ad-hoc data analytics.

Drive actionable insights in seconds

Enhance IoT data with context through descriptive and rich semantic modeling. Run highly scalable, performant, cost-effective, time series-optimized queries over decades-worth of highly contextualized device data instantly.

Maximize the value of your IoT data

Time Series Insights seamlessly integrates with Azure IoT Hub for turnkey analytics and security. No upfront data preparation is required, simply point Time Series Insights to IoT Hub as the data source, and instantly ingest billions of events that can be accessed for analytics and deep insights.

Visualize insights with our world-class, web-based user experience

Start interacting with your data without having to write a single line of code. Time Series Insights Explorer provides a rich and intuitive user inteface to visualize data and spot trends and anomalies fast. The app combines asset-based data insights with ad-hoc data analytics, enabling you to view real-time and historical data simultaneously.

Integrate Time Series Insights into your apps and solutions

Integrate time series data into your existing applications or create new custom solutions with the Time Series Insights Apache Parquet-based flexible storage system and REST APIs. Add Time Series Insights into existing workflows and integrate advanced analytics and machine learning models for predictive analytics.

Scale your IoT solutions to suit your business needs

With scalable infrastructure and pay-as-you-go pricing, Time Series Insights gives you the flexibility to choose data processing, query, and storage options separately. Our comprehensive IoT analytics platform with scalable billing enables you to focus on your enterprise IoT solutions and changing business needs.

Get enterprise-grade security and support

Time Series Insights is ISO-certified and backed by a 99.9-percent Service Level Agreement (SLA). Single sign-on, multifactor authentication, and seamless management of millions of identities are built-in through Azure Active Directory, which also gives you role-based access control for access management.

Time Series Insights Explorer

Time Series Insights Explorer is a rich and intuitive visualization tool that lets you quickly derive insights from decades of IoT data, for both interactive ad-hoc and asset-based analysis.

Customers using Azure Time Series Insights

ABB Group

"Industrial and power automation applications depend on standardized data models to ensure interoperability and vendor independence. ABB Ability™ platform relies on Time Series Insights to provide the scalable and dependable solution for storing and analyzing rich data sets from all our Industrial IoT market segments."

Ronnie Pettersson, Product Owner

"Fonterra is embracing advanced technologies to transform into a data-driven organization. We've selected Time Series Insights to provide storage, contextualization, and analysis capabilities and replace our legacy on-premises historian. This will allow us to effectively consolidate our data to empower operators, leaders, data scientists, and business intelligence teams."

Tristan Hunter, GM of Automation and Operational Technology

"We have millions of time series data-points spanning multiple plants. Harnessing time series data in our cloud-based data platform is crucial for our success. Working with the Azure Time Series Insights team has shown that this technology has the potential to bring down data silos and accelerate use of data, spanning multiple use cases and scenarios."

Geir Arne Rødde, Product Owner, Omnia Plant

"Eaton is partnering with Microsoft to evaluate Azure Time Series Insights as part of our next-generation IoT analytics platform. Time Series Insights supports Eaton's exploration of sensor data by product development, data science, and research teams from a wide range of IoT devices. Its core foundational enhancements are helping Eaton accelerate the development of enterprise-grade IoT infrastructure."

Hao Gu, Chief Architect, Center for Connected Intelligent Solutions

"Moving our Veracity industry platform from OpenTSDB to Time Series Insights will provide improved query performance, data protection, better IT/OT integration with support for asset reference models, and turnkey integration with Azure IoT Hub. This helps to reduce cost and increase operational robustness with long-term data storage in Veracity Data Fabric."

Mikkel Skou, Head of Technology and Operations

"ShookIOT believes in transforming multivendor environments and unifying industrial IoT systems with Azure Time Series Insights and ShookIOT Fusion™. In partnership with Microsoft, ShookIOT provides decades of industrial data science expertise to create world-class solutions for customers' ever-changing IoT needs."

Dave Shook, President

What can you build with Time Series Insights?

Data exploration and visual anomaly detection

Instantly explore and analyze billions of events to spot anomalies and discover hidden trends in your data. Time Series Insights delivers near real-time performance for your IoT and DevOps analysis workloads.

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Operational analysis and driving process efficiency

Enable monitoring of the health, usage, and performance of your equipment, at scale, to provide a simple way to measure operational efficiency. Time Series Insights helps manage diverse and unpredictable IoT workloads without sacrificing ingestion or query performance.

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Advanced analytics with Azure IoT

Integrate with advanced analytics services such as Azure Machine Learning and Azure Databricks. Time Series Insights ingresses raw data from millions of devices and adds contextual data that can be consumed seamlessly by a suite of Azure analytics services.

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