Time Series Insights Pricing

Instantly explore and analyze time series data of in IoT solutions

Pricing Details

Measures S1 S2
Ingress Capacity (per unit)1 Up to 1 GB or 1 million events per day Up to 10 GB or 10 million events per day
Total Capacity (per unit)2,3 Up to 30 GB or 30 million events Up to 300 GB or 300 million events
Data Retention4 Up to 31 days Up to 100 days
Price (per month) $- per month per unit $- per month per unit

1Ingress and storage capacity is measured in terms of number of events or data size, whichever comes first.
2An event is a unit of data up to 1KB. Larger events are counted in multiples of 1KB. For example, 0.8 KB is billed as one event, but a 2.6 KB event is billed as three events.
3An environment can be scaled up to 10 times by adding more units.
4The data is retained in Time Series Insights based on the selected retention days or max limits (S1<=31 days, S2<=100 days).



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