Azure IoT Gateway SDK

Build in edge logic as part of a hybrid solution

Harness the power of an edge intelligence ecosystem

Whether it’s connecting legacy devices, reducing bandwidth costs, enforcing security and privacy policies, or any other data processing you choose, the cross-platform Azure IoT Gateway SDK takes care of routine tasks, so you can focus on solving the problems that really matter. Build upon the open-source work of others, and extend the SDK in a language familiar to you—node.js, Java, C#, or C—to implement logic specific to your scenario, on the platform of your choice.

Connected manufacturing

An auto manufacturer partnered with Microsoft to monitor their worldwide auto parts production in real-time and improve process efficiency across their global factories. Built on an in-factory gateway based upon the Azure IoT Gateway SDK, the solution analyzes production cycles, sends the data to the cloud, then compares data from multiple factories to detect and identify manufacturing flaws. The on-premises gateway consolidates gigabytes of data produced by assembly line sensors into concise information about the production cycle, even without an internet connection.

Smart buildings

Swedish partner Eniga connected residential buildings in Stockholm to the cloud using a LoRa gateway built with the Azure IoT Gateway SDK. Using advanced analytics applied to multiple buildings’ data, landlords proactively optimize energy resources such as water, heat, and electricity based on smart metering and previous billing. They also use building consumption data to make decisions about future building maintenance and care. Both short- and long-term savings produce much higher profitability and better tenant experiences.

Innovative retail

Retail vendors like Checkpoint use the Azure IoT Gateway SDK to enable new delivery and in-store experiences. By connecting products with RFID tags to the cloud, Checkpoint uses real-time inventory tracking to provide efficient delivery options for customers such as buy online/pick up in-store or buy in-store/home delivery. Plus, data from in-store transactions combined with e-commerce and social media behaviors provide valuable insights for loyalty program implementations.