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Cost Management

Optimize what you spend on the cloud, while maximizing cloud potential

Make the most of your cloud investment

Manage your cloud spend with transparency and accuracy. Cost Management licensed by Cloudyn, a Microsoft subsidiary, helps you make the most of Azure and other clouds by providing you the tools to monitor, allocate, and optimize your cloud costs so you can accelerate future investment with confidence.

Monitor and visualize cloud usage and costs

Collect cloud usage and billing data through Application Program Interfaces (APIs) from Azure, AWS and Google Cloud Platform. With that data, gain full visibility into resource consumption and costs across cloud platforms in a single, unified view. Your operational staff and business users can build custom dashboards to view data based on their needs.

Gain rich operational and financial insights

Continuously monitor cloud consumption and cost trends. Track actual cloud spend against your budget to avoid overspending. Detect spending anomalies and usage inefficiencies. Plus, use historical data to improve your forecasting accuracy for cloud usage and expenditures.

Improve organizational accountability

Allocate cloud costs to business units and projects, and produce clear showback and chargeback reports to drive enterprise-wide accountability. Further empower your teams to better manage cloud spend by enabling access to the right data and insights with Role-Based Access Control (RBAC). You can easily set custom budget thresholds and automatically alert stakeholders when they’re at risk of overspending.

Optimize your cloud efficiency

Optimize how you use your assets by right-sizing your virtual machines and eliminating idle resources. Access industry benchmarks and best practices aggregated from a large customer dataset, understand your utilization, and get recommendations on how to improve.


Forrester Total Economic Impact study: Enterprise customer achieves 286 percent ROI

According to a 2016 Forrester Total Economic Impact study commissioned by Cloudyn, during the first year of implementing the service, one enterprise customer realized more than $300,000 in cost savings through optimized cloud usage. Additionally, the customer eliminated 320 – 480 labor hours monthly because of process and workflow automation.

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Cost Management for managed service providers

Managed service providers can offer cloud cost management and optimization as value-added services to their customers, and increase profit margin with custom pricing and service tiers. Cost Management guarantees full data segregation through multi-tenant application and gives managed service providers visibility into N-tier hierarchy per customer.

"We have multiple development and test environments in the cloud for our own use and for our reseller customers. Using Azure Cost Management by Cloudyn to manage the cost and size of these environments has helped us all stay well on budget."

Darryl Grauman, Vice President of Technology Innovation–Global, Westcon - Comstor

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