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Massively scalable, secure cloud storage for your data, apps, and workloads

Get secure cloud storage that protects your data infrastructure while you build apps and create better services for your customers. Integrate your on-premises data with your cloud data to form crucial insights. Scale globally and run your most demanding workloads while meeting compliance and privacy requirements.

Find the storage product you need

If you want to... Use this
Get scalable and secure storage for your virtual machines Disk Storage
Find massively scalable, secure storage for your unstructured data Blob Storage
Get low-cost storage for rarely accessed data Archive Storage
Get secure cloud file shares File Storage
Run high-performance, file-based workloads in the cloud Avere vFXT for Azure
Get secure storage for message-based communication between apps Queue Storage
Complete a secure, offline migration of large amounts of data into Azure Storage Data Box

Customers are doing great things with Azure storage products

Bringing data from the depths

"What Azure Data Box has given us is a platform that we can ship, plug in, extract data, and get to the Azure Cloud pretty easily."
Noah Baieve, Infrastructure Operations Manager Oceaneering International

Mining company extracts more value from business processes with digital transformation

"The data will always be there in Azure no matter where you are. Before, it could take months and potentially millions of dollars to replicate infrastructure and recover data after a disaster, in addition to suffering disruption of business operations. Now, we can recover instantly and at no cost."
Jim Slattery, Chief Financial Officer

French grocery chain halves inventory processing time by upgrading to Azure Premium Storage

"We expect to avoid significant excess inventory costs each year thanks to the extra performance delivered by Azure Premium Storage. The speedup in Slim4 lets us achieve just-in-time ordering rather than order more than we need."
Anthony Lewkowicz, Technical Architect and Chief Information Security Officer