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Strengthen the security of your cloud workloads with built-in services

Protect data, apps, and infrastructure quickly with built-in security services in Azure that include unparalleled security intelligence to help identify rapidly evolving threats early—so you can respond quickly. Implement a layered, defense in-depth strategy across identity, data, hosts, and networks. Unify security management and enable advanced threat protection across hybrid cloud environments.

Find the security product you need

If you want to... Use this
Unify security management and enable advanced threat protection for workloads in the cloud and on-premises Security Center
Safeguard cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services Key Vault
Protect your Azure resources from denial of service threats Azure DDoS Protection
Control and help secure email, documents, and sensitive data that you share outside your company Azure Information Protection
Protect your applications from common web vulnerabilities and exploits with a built-in web application firewall Application Gateway

Customers are doing great things with Azure security management solutions

HK Express uses the Azure to provide enhanced security and collaboration

"Security is a core focus for HK Express, which adopts a Defense-In-Depth approach to secure their end-to-end enterprise and key booking platforms in Microsoft Azure."
Greg Green, General Manager, u-Technologies

Merrill Corporation, a provider of secure document sharing, innovates faster in the cloud

"Microsoft has made a $1 billion investment in Azure security and compliance. Also, Azure has by far the largest public cloud provider footprint, with more than 100 datacenters."
Brad Smuland, Chief Information Officer

Icertis offers security of the cloud for its enterprise contract management solution

"Having one more tools in our arsenal that gives our customers peace of mind about the security of their contractual data is critical to our business."
Monish Dada, Co-founder and Chief Information Officer