Azure Defender for IoT

Continuous asset management and threat detection for all your operational technology (OT) device

Accelerate IoT/OT innovation with unified security

Protect all your IoT/OT devices and get comprehensive visibility into risk with Azure Defender for IoT. Utilize agentless network monitoring for asset discovery, vulnerability management, and continuous threat detection across all IoT/OT devices, whether they’re unmanaged devices or managed devices provisioned via Azure IoT Hub. Centralize IT/OT security via integration with Azure Sentinel and third-party solutions. Deploy in either on-premises or Azure-connected environments.

Automated asset discovery for all your IoT/OT devices

Vulnerability management to identify IoT/OT risks, detect unauthorized changes, and prioritize mitigation

IoT/OT-aware behavioral analytics to detect advanced threats faster and more accurately

Integration with Azure Sentinel and third-party solutions like other SIEMs, ticketing, and CMDBs

Auto-discover all your IoT/OT devices

Accelerate modernization initiatives by using agentless, non-invasive monitoring to gain a complete inventory of all your IoT/OT assets across diverse industrial automation equipment, including their asset details (such as manufacturer, type, and IP/MAC address). Easily implement Zero-Trust policies by visualizing network topology and how devices communicate with each other.

Continuously assess and mitigate IoT/OT risk

Proactively address vulnerabilities in your IoT/OT environment. Identify risks such as unpatched devices, open ports, unauthorized applications, and unauthorized connections. Immediately receive alerts on changes such as unauthorized devices, configuration changes, or updates to programmable logic controller (PLC) code.

Prioritize fixes based on risk scoring and automated threat modeling that identifies the most likely attack paths to compromise your most essential assets.

Detect and investigate modern IoT/OT threats

Rapidly triage alerts, investigate root causes, and hunt for new threats. Detect anomalous or unauthorized activities using IoT/OT-aware behavioral analytics with Layer 7 Deep Packet Inspection. Receive alerts on zero-day and fileless malware, as well as living-off-the-land tactics missed by signature-based solutions. Investigate historical traffic with queries tailored to the unique characteristics of each IoT/OT protocol. Explore full-fidelity PCAPs for further analysis.

Protect your entire IoT/OT stack with Azure Security

Get a unified view of your security with Azure Security Center, your dashboard for a unified view of security across all your on-premises and cloud workloads including IoT/OT devices, virtual machines, networks, apps, and data. Monitor the security of your entire stack using built-in security assessments, or create your own in Azure Security Center. Plus, get threat protection for your cloud workloads with the addition of Azure Defender.

Integrate with Azure Sentinel and security workflows

Detect and respond to multistage attacks across IoT/OT boundaries with the help of machine learning provided by integration with Azure Sentinel, a cloud-native SIEM/SOAR platform. Utilize threat intelligence distilled from trillions of signals and hunt for threats spanning assets and users from a single integrated experience.

Take advantage of existing SOC workflows via built-in integration between Azure Defender for IoT and a broad range of third-party tools like SIEMs, ticketing, and CMDBs.

Build security into your new IoT/OT devices

Protect new IoT devices and Azure IoT projects from day one by deploying the Azure Defender for IoT security agent. Reduce risk and attack surface with real-time security posture monitoring across all major IoT operating systems. Get endpoint monitoring with minimal impact to your IoT devices. Secure the projects you build with Azure IoT solutions such as Azure IoT Edge and Azure RTOS.

Comprehensive security and compliance, built in

Try Azure Defender for IoT today

Azure Defender for IoT offers two solutions, agentless monitoring for existing IoT/OT environments and security for new devices for device builders.

Azure Defender for IoT's agentless monitoring is free of charge for the first 1,000 committed devices for the first 30 days. Beyond that, customers will automatically be charged by device commitment.

Security for new devices provisioned and managed via IoT Hub, such as those that have the micro agent deployed, is free of charge for 30 days. Then pay per device or per message.


"The Azure IoT security solution is straightforward to implement while enabling us to efficiently manage system security and resiliency across multiple distributed locations."

Adi Karisik, Global Technology Leader for Operational Technology, Jacobs

Frequently asked questions about Azure Defender for IoT

  • Azure Defender for IoT is a unified security solution for IoT/OT and operational technology (OT) systems. Azure Defender for IoT provides asset inventory, vulnerability management, and threat detection across all your IoT/OT devices -- whether those devices are included in your Azure IoT projects, are legacy IoT/OT devices that can't be protected by agents or traditional IT security measures, or a combination of the two.
  • Azure Defender provides threat detection for your cloud workload environments, while Azure Defender for IoT specifically protects managed and unmanaged IoT/OT devices from the specialized threats they face. Adversaries use different methods to target IoT/OT networks than IT networks and Azure Defender for IoT detects them using a deep understanding of the specialized protocols, devices, and machine-to-machine (M2M) behaviors found in IoT/OT environments.
  • Azure Sentinel is the industry's first cloud-native SIEM/SOAR solution on a major public cloud. Azure Defender for IoT tightly integrates with Azure Sentinel with just a few clicks, and feeds it IoT/OT alerts. SOC teams can then use Azure Sentinel to detect and investigate multistage IT/OT attacks, threat hunt with Azure Log Analytics, leverage threat intelligence, and utilize SOAR playbooks to automate incident response.
  • No. While Azure Defender for IoT integrates tightly with Azure Sentinel, Sentinel isn't required. Azure Defender for IoT is an open system that also offers rich APIs and out-of-the-box integrations with third-party solutions such as Splunk, IBM QRadar, and ServiceNow.
  • Azure Defender for IoT can be deployed in Azure-connected, on-premises, or hybrid environments. The Azure Defender for IoT sensor connects to the SPAN port of a network switch or to a network TAP and collects a copy of the network traffic using passive non-invasive monitoring that has no impact on the network.
  • Azure Defender for IoT supports a broad range of protocols across diverse industrial automation equipment, based on experience across all industrial sectors and building management system (BMS) environments. For custom or proprietary protocols, Microsoft offers an SDK that makes it easy to develop, test, and deploy custom protocol dissectors as plug-ins, without divulging proprietary information about how the protocols are designed or sharing PCAPs that may contain sensitive information.

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