Security Center pricing

Azure Security Center allows you to prevent, detect and respond to threats with increased visibility and control over the security of all your Azure resources

Azure Security Center is offered in two tiers: Free and Standard. The Standard tier is offered free for the first 60 days. Should you choose to continue to use the service beyond 60 days, we will automatically start to charge for the service.

The Security Center uses Azure storage to save security data generated from your protected nodes. Costs associated with this storage is not included in the price of the service and will be charged separately at regular Azure storage rates. Storage charges apply even during the trial.

Features Free Standard
Security policy, assessment, and recommendations
Connected partner solutions
Threat detection (behavioral analysis and anomaly detection) for:
Virtual Machines
SQL Databases
Windows crashes
Included data Not applicable 500 MB per day1
Price Free $15 / node2 / month

1 The daily included data allocation is pooled across nodes. For example, if there are 10 nodes connected to the service, then the total ‘included data’ allocation is 5,000 MB per day. The 5,000 MB is pooled across the 10 nodes such that a particular node could upload greater than 500 MB in a day as long as the total data uploaded across all nodes is less than 5,000 MB in that day. In this example, additional data charges will apply only if the total data uploaded exceeds 5,000MB on any day.

2 A node is any Azure resource that is monitored by the service. Currently, each virtual Machine counts as one node, and each SQL database server (logical server that may contain multiple SQL Databases and/or SQL Data Warehouse databases) counts as one node. As additional security monitoring capabilities are enabled for other types of services, such as Azure Cloud Services, we may begin counting these resources as nodes as well. Nodes are counted and prorated daily.

Changes to security data storage and prorated billing starting in June 2017 (phased roll-out)

Starting in June 2017, the following changes will be implemented in a phased roll out:

a) We will migrate customers to a new data platform instead of using Azure Storage. There will be no impact to your service, and you do not need to take any action. Once you have been transitioned to the new platform, you will no longer incur Azure Storage charges for the security data collected by Azure Security Center.

  • Customers on the Free tier, after the transition: You will not incur any storage or data charges for as long as you remain on the Free tier.
  • Customers on the Standard tier, after the transition: You will not incur any data charges as long as your data size does not exceed the daily 'Included data' limit as explained in the pricing table above. Based on observed usage to date, most deployments do not exceed the daily 'included data' limit. However, if additional data is collected that exceeds the daily limit, or if you choose to retain your security data longer than 1 month, then additional charges will apply as follows:
Overage Meter Price
Additional data uploaded over included daily data $2.3 per GB
Additional retention beyond 1 month $0.1/GB/month

b) Following the data platform migration, nodes will be prorated hourly instead of daily.

Support & SLA

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  • To learn more about the SLA, please visit the SLA page



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