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Network Watcher pricing

Network performance monitoring and diagnostics solution

Network Watcher enables you to monitor and diagnose health and performance of your network. Network Watchers diagnostic and visualization tools helps you to for example capture packets on a Virtual Machine, validating if an IP flow is allowed or denied. You also can identify where packets will be routed from a VM and gain insights to your all-up network topology.

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Feature Free units included Price
Network Logs Collected1 5 GB per month $- per GB
Network Diagnostic Tools2 1,000 checks per month $- per 1,000 checks
Connection Monitor5
Network Performance Monitor –
Service Connectivity Monitor
‐ ‐ Not available $- per connection per month
Network Performance Monitor –
Performance Monitor
Network Analytics3 ‐ ‐ Not available See Azure Monitor Log Analytics pricing
Traffic Analytics ‐ ‐ Not available Accelerated processing at 10-min intervals: $- per GB-processed4
Standard processing at 60-min intervals: $- per GB-processed4

1Network logs are stored within a storage account and have a retention policy that can be set from one day to 365 days. If a retention policy is not set, the logs are maintained forever. Corresponding charges will apply for storage, Log Analytics, and event hubs respectively.

2Network Watcher Diagnostic Tools and Topology features are billed for the number of Network Diagnostic checks initiated via Azure Portal, PowerShell, CLI, or Rest.

3Network Analytics includes DNS, and App Gateway Analytics features. These features are billed for log data ingested into the Azure Log Analytics service.

4Traffic Analytics feature is billed for log data processed by the service and for the resulting data ingested into the Azure Log Analytics service. Corresponding charges apply for logs ingested to the Azure Log Analytics service.

5The new Connection Monitor feature will be available at no charge during preview. The prices listed here will be applicable once the feature becomes generally available. Connection Monitor tests are created in Connection Monitor(preview). The preview solution will be rebranded to Connection Monitor after general availability. Corresponding charges for logs ingested and metric or log based alerts created to the Azure Log Analytics service.

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