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Pricing details

Log analytics is billed per GB of data uploaded into the service. Log Analytics offers a subset of the features offered in Insight & Analytics. It will not include Application Dependency monitoring and Network performance monitoring capabilities. Log Analytics is offered in two tiers: free and paid. The free tier has a limit on the amount of data collected daily. The paid tier does not have a limit on the amount of data collected daily.

Free Log Analytics - Standalone
Daily Limit 500 MB1 None
Retention Period 7 days 1 month
Customize longer retention periods
Price Free $- per GB
1For customers that reach their 500MB daily limit, data analyzing will stop and resume at the start of the next day. A day is based on UTC.

Overage charges

If data needs to be stored for longer than a month overages are charged per the below prices.

Overage meter Price
Additional retention beyond 1 month $- / GB / month

For workspaces created prior to October 1, 2016

Customers who started using Log Analytics before October 1, 2016 continue to exist on an older pricing model and can switch at any time to the new models above. The pricing models below are not available to any new workspaces starting October 1, 2016.

Standard Premium
Daily Limit None None
Retention Period 1 month 12 months
Customize longer retention periods
Price $2.3 per GB $3.5 per GB

Support & SLA

  • We provide technical support for all Azure services released to General Availability, including Log Analytics, through Azure Support, starting at $29.0/month. Billing and subscription management support is provided at no cost.
  • Additional training videos, and documentation, are also available.
  • We guarantee that at least 99.9% of the time, log data will be indexed within six hours of the data being queued for indexing by the Log Analytics Service. No SLA is provided for the free tier. Read the SLA.




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