Azure data privacy and protection

Automate your data privacy, inspire customer trust, and feel confident building solutions that analyze sensitive data on Microsoft Azure—the cloud platform that adheres to some of the world’s strictest privacy standards.

Simplify privacy compliance

Accelerate compliance and save money with tools that help you automate your data protection efforts. Get built-in privacy controls, configuration management tools, and data subject request tools, including:

Microsoft Azure Information Protection—to configure policies to classify, label, and help protect data based on its sensitivity.

Azure Policy—to define and enforce policies that help your cloud environment become compliant with internal policies and external regulations.

Data subject requests—to get help fulfilling your General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requests.

Compliance Manager—to use a dashboard to track how well you’re adhering to ISO 2700 and GDPR controls for Office 365 and Azure.

"Prospects also really like our strengthened data protection story, too, as Azure's adherence to standards means we are now a fully GDPR-ready option now."
Tiberiu Croitoru, CEO

Own and control your data

Take advantage of flexibility and choice in how you store, process, and protect your data with Azure. Your organization owns and controls the collection, use, and distribution of its information and your customers’ data is only used for agreed-upon services—never for marketing or advertising. If you leave the service, Microsoft follows strict standards and processes for removing data from its systems.

Develop on a platform built with strict privacy standards

Protect your data with some of strongest internal and external privacy standards in the industry—including the Microsoft Privacy Standard and the Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle:

  • The Microsoft Privacy Standard enforces strict protections on Microsoft business processes.
  • The Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle helps you build highly secure software by introducing security and privacy considerations throughout every phase of development.

Azure also complies with many external privacy standards, laws, and regulations, including: GDPR, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, European Union Model Clauses, HIPAA, HITRUST, FERPA, Japan My Number Act, Canada PIPEDA, Spain LOPD, and Argentina PDPA.

Gain full transparency into Microsoft practices

Get a clear view into where your data is stored and secured, including who can access it and under what circumstances.

Receive notifications of changes in your data map information about the use of new subcontractors—including access to full online audit reports.

Microsoft will not disclose your customer data to a government or law enforcement agency except as directed by you or where required by law, and will ensure due process is followed when responding to law enforcement requests for your customer data.

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