VMware Tanzu on Azure

Tanzu Application Service (formerly Pivotal Cloud Foundry) is an intrinsically secure, scalable platform for running modern apps that automates the release and operation of your software.

Build and run cloud apps on Azure with VMware Tanzu

  • Deliver new innovations to customers quickly through the ability to deploy code thousands of times per month.
  • Ship and run all types of modern apps, in any language, anywhere you want with a consistent developer and operator user experience.
  • Improve developer experience with self-service access and adoption of popular frameworks for building microservices.
  • Deploy in minutes through Azure Marketplace, and get started with a free 90-day evaluation license. (A single instance of Tanzu Application Service uses approximately 30 ARM cores and 96 GB of RAM.)

Accelerated development of cloud-native apps

Simplified operations and higher developer productivity

Optimization for apps within your Azure infrastructure

Increased security on Azure

Build and deploy cloud-native applications fast

Launch new features in minutes, not weeks. Combine Tanzu Application Service (TAS) with Spring, Spring Cloud, and Spring Boot to accelerate the time to value for your enterprise apps. In addition to its first-rate support for Spring, TAS also offers support for Node.js, Ruby, PHP, Go, and .NET, among others.

Use a single platform and configuration service

Deliver new experiences to your customers, rapidly and repeatedly with Tanzu Application Service. Use any language or runtime, and defer much of the operational complexity to the platform by taking advantage of backing services like MySQL, RabbitMQ, and Redis.

Pay only for what you use

Save money by avoiding over-deployment. Upgrade from a VM-centric model to the single, high-density Tanzu Application Service. Automate scaling, logging, availability, and updates for all of your apps with a single control plane and Azure Operations Management Suite integration.

Integrate easily thanks to a deep partnership

Connect a wide range of Azure services to TAS using Azure Service Broker.

Azure Service Broker for TAS currently supports these services:

  • Azure Storage
  • Azure Cache for Redis
  • Azure Cosmos DB
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Azure SQL Database
  • SQL Database failover groups
  • Service Bus
  • Event Hubs

You can also enable role-based access control with Azure Active Directory.

Get seamless support for your enterprise

Microsoft and VMware have integrated support teams and workflows, along with joint engineering teams.

With Tanzu Application Service on Azure, you get:

  • Worldwide, all-day support with CPI and service brokers in place.
  • Integration workflows and regular meetings with the VMware Tanzu support team.
  • Ongoing CSS readiness to increase support acumen and capacity.
  • Automated Ticket Exchange.
  • Tanzu Application Service support within the Azure portal.

Explore a reference architecture of Tanzu Application Service on Azure

Learn more about Azure and Tanzu Application Service integration through a representative solution architecture.

Getting started with VMware Tanzu on Azure

Get Tanzu Application Service on Microsoft Azure from the Azure Marketplace

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Companies of all sizes build cloud apps faster with Tanzu Application Service


"Our squads are able, in sprint one, to have all their development environment up and running, and that's thanks to the cloud-based technologies."

Stéphane El Mabrouk, Head of Operations, Thales Digital Factory
Thales Digital Factory


"We have more than 75 development teams using our new platform, and that number is quickly growing. Seven production workloads are already running on it. The smallest is our new mortgage lending model, and the largest workload is a [Tanzu Application Service] environment."

Henk Van Driel, Manager, Cloud Competence Center, Rabobank

Merrill Corporation

"We need to iterate our way to great products, to get solutions into customers' hands quickly, see what they like, make changes, and keep improving—the fail-fast concept. With Azure and [Tanzu Application Service], we can do that."

Thomas Fredell, Chief Product Officer, Merrill Corporation
Merrill Corporation

Frequently asked questions about Tanzu Application Service on Azure

  • When you use Tanzu Application Service on Azure, you get:

    • More regions and more flexibility. Azure has more regions than other public cloud providers and gives you more flexibility for data sovereignty and other regulatory scenarios.
    • Differentiated services. Azure Service Broker exposes services such as Azure Storage, Azure Cache for Redis, Azure Cosmos DB, SQL Database, and Service Bus natively through Tanzu Application Service, helping you bolster your cloud-native apps with the unique capabilities of Azure.
    • Integrated enterprise support and deep partnership. Microsoft and VMware Tanzu have integrated support teams and workflows, along with joint engineering teams.
  • Evaluate Tanzu Application Service for your enterprise if you:

    • Want to transform your business with cloud-native applications and new digital products/services.
    • Require an enterprise development and operations platform that can run in hybrid or multi-cloud environments.
    • Are looking for a microservices, container-based platform that enables continuous delivery and faster time to market.
    • Already use Java/Spring to deploy 12-factor app concepts and microservices.
    • Want to upgrade from monolithic middleware architectures in favor of cloud-native patterns.
  • Microsoft and VMware have a joint go-to-market strategy that includes worldwide sales teams and an integrated support workflow that’s accessible as a portal experience. Account representatives from both VMware and Microsoft have access to materials in the Microsoft ISV App Catalog to help you get started. If you have questions, contact the partnership team at tanzu@microsoft.com.
  • Create an Azure free account to learn how Azure works, try products and cloud services, and view tutorials on how to deploy your first solution in 10 minutes or less.

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