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Real hybrid consistency and flexibility

Reduce risk and complexity with integration and consistency across your entire technology stack.

Build and deploy solutions consistently, in public or private cloud

Azure Stack serves as an extension of Azure. Use Azure Stack for edge and disconnected scenarios, like a ship out at sea where the network might not be reliable, or a factory floor where you might need incredibly low latency to your embedded automation systems for production.

Azure Stack can help you meet regulatory and policy requirements.

Leverage SQL Server’s performance and security

Migrate a complex SQL server based application to Azure with zero downtime.

Build and deploy at cloud speed with a fully-managed Azure SQL Database or scale your analytics in Azure SQL Data Warehouse. You can also take advantage of the many pre-configured VMs in the marketplace.

Ensure high availability and disaster recovery for mission critical application data with replication across on-premises and cloud.

Enable consistent user experience with common identity

Use Azure Active Directory for a single sign-on experience across on-premises and cloud apps from virtually anywhere.

Extend on-premises Active Directory to the cloud in a few clicks and maintain a consistent set of user identities.

Provide single sign-on access to applications running on any cloud, including 1000s of popular SaaS applications, such as Office 365, Workday, Drop Box, and Salesforce.

Access on-premises web applications securely from anywhere without a VPN.

Optimize and secure your hybrid infrastructure with a holistic view

Gain immediate insight into your workloads and infrastructure with powerful search, query and analytics.

Detect and respond to threats faster with integrated tools to analyze your security posture, whether in the cloud or on-premises.

Protect against cloud and on-premises data loss and outages with Azure Backup and Disaster Recovery.

The enterprise guide to hybrid cloud

Businesses increasingly turn to the cloud to achieve essential flexibility and efficiency. However, it's important to leverage existing infrastructure investments as much as possible. This e-book provides an overview of why a hybrid cloud approach may be your best path to the cloud, and how it allows you to optimize your existing assets.

"We have a strong need to be agile as we deliver a next-generation banking architecture to our business. Azure and Azure Stack deliver consistent services across hybrid environments, which enables us to implement a DevOps model with a focus on automation, experimentation, and ultimately faster application releases."

Pankaj Patel, Enterprise Platform Services, ANZ Bank

Why Azure is the right choice


Azure has more than 100 services with great end-to-end tools to make you successful.


Develop and deploy where you want, with the only consistent hybrid cloud on the market. Extend Azure on-premises with Azure Stack.


Create intelligent apps using powerful data and artificial intelligence services.


Join startups, governments, and 90 percent of Fortune 500 businesses who run on the Microsoft Cloud today.

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