Microsoft Azure Government

The most trusted cloud for mission-critical government workloads

Strengthen your cybersecurity framework

With the release of the Presidential Executive Order on strengthening cybersecurity, agencies have new requirements to meet by August 9, 2017. Learn how Azure Government can help your organization by mitigating known risks in an automated, centralized way, while using the shared resources of the cloud to more easily and cost-effectively meet compliance needs.

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Hybrid flexibility

Engineered for flexibility and consistency across public, private, and hosted clouds

Comprehensive compliance

The most certifications of any cloud provider to simplify critical government compliance requirements

Superior protection

Hardened US datacenters, including East coast, with 500-mile geo-redundancy, operated by screened US persons

Government only

Unique cloud instance, exclusively for government customers and their solution providers

New to Azure Government?

Azure Government is a unique cloud instance, exclusively for government agencies and their solution providers including:
  • US government entities in their governmental capacities
  • Partners using Azure Government to provide solutions
  • Commercial private entities with data subject to regulations
Microsoft has a strict validation program to determine eligibility before organizations can move their workloads to the Azure Government cloud.

The cloud built for you

Harness the power of government cloud computing so you can focus on the core competencies of your organization. Azure Government delivers a differentiated set of processes and controls for managing your data, while reducing complexity and cost. Drive transformation through agility, collaboration, and access to analytics and insights.

  • All data, applications, and hardware reside in the continental United States
  • Geo-replication between East Coast (DC) and Midwest datacenters 500 miles apart supports business continuity
  • Specially constructed datacenters provide 24x7 monitoring
  • Physically isolated within the continental US

Comprehensive compliance

Azure Government has an ongoing commitment to maintaining the most certifications and attestations for mission-critical government workloads. We’ve engineered our datacenters to meet or exceed the complex and critical requirements for US Federal, Department of Defense, state, and local government.

Complete Microsoft Government Cloud

Help everyone get their work done more efficiently with the only hyperscale government cloud solution that includes Azure Government, the familiar productivity and business application tools of Office 365 Government, and management and engagement services powered by CRM Online Government. Build your own solution, or choose one of our experienced partners who offer a wide array of solutions built specifically to meet the needs of US government entities.

"For Memphis Police Department we delivered the fast and scalable Getac Veretos Evidence Management System that supports CJIS security policies. In many cases, data moves seamlessly from the officer and the vehicle directly to the Azure Government Cloud. This streamlined, secure hosted model eliminates many of the hidden costs and processes associated with running an internal network infrastructure."

Scott Shainman, President - North America, Getac

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