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Azure IP Advantage

Protecting your innovation in the cloud

Reduce risk, innovate with confidence, and operate with freedom in the cloud. Azure IP Advantage provides the industry’s most comprehensive protection against intellectual property (IP) risks.

Best-in-industry intellectual property protection

Across the globe, the shift to cloud computing is accelerating, impacting every industry and every person. As our customers move to the cloud, business risks are changing. One issue is the increased IP infringement risk associated with delivering software-based products and services in the cloud. To support our customers and to foster a community and business environment that values and protects innovation in the cloud, we created the Microsoft Azure IP Advantage program.

Build confidently with uncapped indemnification

Build on Azure knowing that you have best-in-industry uncapped defense and indemnification coverage that extends to any open source technology that powers Microsoft Azure services, such as Hadoop used for Azure HDInsight. You don’t have to do or pay anything extra, just use Azure knowing that our indemnification coverage is available if you ever need it.

Deter and defend lawsuits with patent pick

Defend against patent lawsuits targeting your innovation with access to a large patent portfolio. You become eligible for this benefit simply by using Azure on a regular basis. If sued, eligible Azure customers can acquire one of 10,000 patents that Microsoft makes available to help counter assert against an aggressor. To learn more about how to pick a patent, please read the FAQ.

Get broad protection with a springing license

We are pledging to Azure customers that if we transfer patents to non-practicing entities (NPEs), these patents cannot be asserted against them in the future. Non-practicing entities are companies that primarily use patents for revenue generation. While Microsoft doesn’t have a general practice of transferring our patents to NPEs, if it were ever to occur, we offer a springing license to all eligible Azure customers.

What customers are saying


"With Azure IP Advantage, we can operate and innovate more freely in the cloud while reducing our IP risk. Microsoft is uniquely able to provide such a comprehensive patent offering."

Shigeki Tomoyama, President of Toyota's Connected Company


"As we transform our business to create a more resourceful world, our ability to accelerate innovation in the cloud for the benefit of our customers is increasingly important. Azure IP Advantage delivers unique benefits that are important for us and our customers in this respect."

Greg Richards, Vice President, Global DevOps, Itron


"Mattel is a place of invention and imagination, and we aspire to spend as much of our time and energy creating as possible. Azure IP Advantage will let us focus on innovating and transforming our business, not fighting patent lawsuits."

Geoff Walker, Executive Vice President and Chief Strategic Technology Officer, Mattel

For patent pick eligibility: must (i) have an Azure usage of $1,000 USD per month over the past three months; (ii) have not filed a patent infringement lawsuit against another Azure customer for their Azure workloads in the last 2 years; and (iii) show evidence of a current patent litigation that occurred after February 8, 2017. Legal transactional costs apply. For springing license eligibility: must have an Azure usage of $1,000 USD per month over the past three months.

Additional terms apply. Email to request detailed program terms and conditions.

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