Azure global infrastructure

Discover a new world of sustainable, trusted cloud infrastructure with Azure

60+ regions, more than any other cloud provider

Azure provides a global reach with local presence that many businesses and organizations need—allowing them to reduce the cost, the time, and the complexity of operating a global infrastructure while meeting local data residency needs.

Azure global infrastructure is comprised of 160+ physical datacenters, arranged into regions, and linked by one of the largest interconnected networks on the planet. Each of these datacenters offers high availability, scalability, the latest advancements in cloud infrastructure, with the connection of the global Azure network. Explore new ways to meet your sustainability goals, run your mission-critical systems with the appropriate level of reliability, and extend your global reach without compromising your data residency and compliance needs.

Global map of Azure regions Global map of Azure regions

Safeguard your data with the trusted cloud

Take advantage of multilayered security across physical datacenters, infrastructure, and operations with Azure. Help protect your business assets and data with industry-leading physical security systems and a comprehensive portfolio of compliance offerings and privacy standards.

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Achieve your sustainability goals

Using Microsoft Azure is up to 98 percent more carbon efficient than using a traditional enterprise datacenter. Join the growing community of industry leaders that are reducing energy use and transitioning to a more carbon-neutral grid with Azure.

Microsoft has been carbon neutral since 2012 and is committed to being carbon negative by 2030, with the commitment by 2050 to remove all the carbon it's directly emitted since its founding in 1975. Take advantage of the lessons learned from Microsoft's own sustainability journey and help advance a low-carbon future—while you achieve your own sustainability goals.

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Run mission-critical systems with confidence

Azure provides enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure on which customers and partners can rely. This includes physical elements like redundant power, networking, and cooling, as well as software elements like safe deployment processes, impactless maintenance, and failure prediction enabled by machine learning.

No matter what your service level objectives are, Azure empowers you to achieve your organization's reliability goals. Take advantage of built-in features that help you design and operate mission-critical systems with confidence—across high availability, disaster recovery, and backup scenarios.

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Embrace the infrastructure of tomorrow

Learn how Microsoft is improving the performance, efficiency, power consumption, and costs of Azure datacenters for your cloud workloads—with infrastructure innovations such as underwater datacenters, liquid immersion cooling projects, and hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

In order for others to benefit from these innovations, Azure shares server and datacenter infrastructure designs, emphasizing security and standardization, as part of the Open Compute Project—promoting a vibrant industry ecosystem for global datacenter deployment in the cloud.

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Improve performance with less latency

Learn how Azure and its global network infrastructure are investing in fast, distributed infrastructure to virtually eliminate latency concerns—one of the main performance barriers for modern apps, connected devices, and mobile services.

Explore ultra-low-latency access for your large data and connectivity requirements with Azure Edge Zones—providing compute, storage, and services such as containers at the edge.

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