Try IBM Software on Azure

IBM software, including WebSphere and MQ, is now Microsoft Azure Certified and available in the Microsoft Azure classic portal. What’s it in for you? With a license for IBM software, you can take advantage of the on-demand infrastructure scaling provided by Azure to quickly start a virtual machine.

Here’s how in 3 simple steps

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Create a new VM and select IBM software

Navigate to the Microsoft Azure classic portal—a modern, web-based experience where you can manage and configure all of your Azure services. From the New menu at the bottom of the portal, select Everything. You’ll have the option to select from a library of preconfigured virtual machine images. Select the appropriate IBM software image from this list and click Create to continue through the virtual machine creation process.

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Configure your virtual machine

Here, you’ll have the ability to configure your new virtual machine by providing a unique name, selecting the size of the virtual machine, and providing a username and password. Make sure to note your username and password, since you’ll need these later to connect to your virtual machine. After providing your configuration settings, click Create.

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Start using your virtual machine

After a few minutes, your virtual machine will be provisioned. To view the status, click Browse, then Virtual Machines. Click the three dots next to your new virtual machine, then click Connect. Next, enter the username and password that you provided when creating the virtual machine. You’ll then be directly connected through Remote Desktop into your new virtual machine, which will be running the IBM software you selected.

IBM Delivers

IBM and Microsoft now provide best-in-class, end-to-end support for customers running mission-critical IBM software on Azure. You can use IBM software licenses provided by Microsoft, which are pre-installed in virtual machine images, with “pay-per-use” pricing. Or, if you already own IBM software, you can install it yourself on an Azure virtual machine, according to IBM policy. You now have increased flexibility and choice as to where to deploy your applications, as well as the safety and security that come from knowing you will be fully supported by IBM and Microsoft.

Create VM’s from images by Microsoft

IBM DB2 Advanced
MS Open Tech
IBM MQ V8.0.0.1
MS Open Tech
IBM WebSphere
MS Open Tech


    • For customers who use the license included with virtual machine images published by Microsoft Open Technologies, Microsoft will provide support for the Azure service. IBM will provide online forum support for IBM software.
    • In order to receive support for Azure, customers must purchase an Azure support offering.
    • IBM and Microsoft are working together to create a new support offering that will enable customers to get technical support online and over the phone directly from IBM. This offering will be available in early 2015.
    • For customers who bring their own licenses to Microsoft Azure, IBM will continue to deliver support directly, just as when those licenses were deployed on customers’ premises.
    • Yes. Microsoft Open Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Microsoft, has published license-included virtual machine images with key IBM software pre-installed. Customers can take advantage of these virtual machines to use the included IBM software in a “pay-per-use” fashion.
    • Effective immediately, IBM has updated its policies to allow customers to bring their own license to Microsoft Azure by installing supported IBM software on a virtual machine in Azure. For more information, you can visit IBM’s policy page here.