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We’re excited to announce Cray ClusterStor in Azure, a dedicated solution to accelerate data processing of the most complex HPC jobs running in Azure.

Microsoft and Cray are in an exclusive partnership to provide customers with unprecedented access to supercomputing capabilities in Azure and leverage the cloud to modernize how HPC is done.

Cray® ClusterStor™ in Azure

The new Cray® ClusterStor™ in Azure storage system is a high capacity and high throughput storage solution to accelerate your HPC simulations. It is a bare metal appliance that is fully integrated in the Azure fabric and accessible by a large selection of other Azure services.

HPC simulations continue to demand more from storage, including more performance AND more capacity, and this imperative remains a key requirement for high-performance workloads in the cloud.

Cray® ClusterStor™ in Azure offers a Lustre-based, single-tenant, bare metal and fully managed HPC environment in Microsoft Azure. It can be used with Cray XC and CS series supercomputers and also now supports data processing of HPC jobs executed on H-series virtual machines from Azure. You can move your data within Azure from high-performance scratch, to warm Azure blob storage and cold archive storage. You get access to high performance and capacity during simulation and move post-simulation data to a redundant, less-expensive cloud storage solution, to either be easily distributed or made available for your next simulation.

Cray® ClusterStor™ in Azure comes with competitive pricing and performance, enabling more than 3 times the throughput in GB/sec per Lustre Object Storage Servers (OSS) than the currently available Lustre offer.

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In addition to the new ClusterStor in Azure offer, Cray and Microsoft are also announcing two new offers dedicated to the Manufacturing and EDA industries.

If you are interested in learning more about these three offers:

  • Please contact your Microsoft account manager or email us directly at We can take you through a deep dive on the offers and understand how we can customize them to your needs.
  • Get access to our Sentinel POC environment, where you can test the offer and get a “hands on” experience of this unique platform.

Cray in Azure

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