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Kevin Raines

Kevin Raines

Director, Product Marketing

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Published • 6 min read

Microsoft shares what’s next in machine learning at NVIDIA GTC 

Finding scalable solutions for today’s global challenges requires forward-thinking, transformative tools. As environmental, economic, and public health concerns mount, Microsoft Azure is addressing these challenges head on with high-performance computing (HPC), AI, and machine learning.

Published • 6 min read

Azure high-performance computing at Supercomputing 2021 

Azure’s market-leading vision for HPC and AI is based on a commitment to continual improvement and backed by a core of genuine and recognized HPC expertise, using proven HPC technology and design principles, enhanced with the best features of the cloud. The result is a capability that delivers performance, scale, and value unlike any other cloud.

Published • 4 min read

Join Microsoft at ISC 2021 and drive innovations with Azure high-performance computing 

Whether it’s understanding our environment, public health, energy sustainability, weather modeling, economic growth, and many others finding solutions to these important challenges requires huge amounts of focused computing power. Customers are increasingly finding the best way to access such high-performance computing (HPC) is through the agility, scale, security, and leading-edge performance of Azure’s purpose-built HPC and AI cloud services.

Published • 5 min read

New Azure HPC and partner offerings at Supercomputing 19 

For more than three decades, the researchers and practitioners that make up the high-performance computing (HPC) community will come together for their annual event. More than ten thousand strong in attendance, the global community will converge on Denver, Colorado to advance the state-of-the-art in HPC.