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Innovation at scale is a common challenge facing large organizations. A key contributor to the challenge is the complexity in coordinating the sheer number of apps and environments.

Integration tools, such as Azure Logic Apps, give you the flexibility to scale and innovate as fast as you want, on-premises or in the cloud. This is a key capability you need to have in place when migrating to the cloud, or even if you're cloud native. Often, integration has been relegated as something to do after the fact. In the modern enterprise, however, application integration is something that has to be done in conjunction with application development and innovation.

An integration service environment is the ideal solution for organizations concerned about noisy neighbor issues, data isolation, or who need more flexibility and configurability than the core Logic Apps service offers.

Building upon the existing set of capabilities, we are releasing a number of new, exciting changes that make integration service environments even better, such as:

  • Faster deployment times by halving the previous provisioning time
  • Higher throughput limits for an individual Logic App and connectors
  • An individual Logic App can now run for up to a year (365 days)

Integration service environment for Logic Apps is the next step for organizations who are pursuing integration as part of their core application development strategy. Here’s what an integration service environment can offer:

  • Direct, secure access to your virtual network resources. Enables Logic Apps to have secure, direct access to private resources, such as virtual machines, servers, and other services in your virtual network including Azure services with service endpoints and on-premises resources via Azure ExpressRoute or site to site VPN.
  • Consistent, highly reliable performance. Eliminates the noisy neighbor issue, removing fear of intermittent slowdowns that can impact business critical processes with a dedicated runtime where only your Logic Apps execute in.
  • Isolated, private storage. Sensitive data subject to regulation is kept private and secure, opening new integration opportunities.
  • Predicable pricing. Provides a fixed monthly cost for Logic Apps. Each integration service environment includes the free usage of one standard integration account and one enterprise connector. If your Logic Apps action execution count exceeds 50 million action executions per month, the integration service environment could provide better value.

New to integration service environments for Logic Apps? Watch this Azure Friday introduction video for assistance.

Get started with an integration service environment for Azure Logic Apps today.

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