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GitHub is a development platform that allows you to host and review code, manage projects and build software alongside millions of other developers from open source to business. Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a managed data integration service in Azure that allows you to iteratively build, orchestrate, and monitor your Extract Transform Load (ETL) workflows. You can now integrate your Azure Data Factory with GitHub. The ADF visual authoring integration with GitHub allows you to collaborate with other developers, do source control, versioning of your data factory assets (pipelines, datasets, linked services, triggers, and more).

Simply click ‘Set up Code Repository’ and select ‘GitHub’ from the Repository Type dropdown to get started.



ADF-GitHub integration allows you to use either public Github or GitHub Enterprise depending on your requirements. You can use OAuth authentication to login to your GitHub account. ADF automatically pulls the repositories in your GitHub account that you can select. You can then choose the branch that developers in your team can use to do collaboration. You can also easily import all your current data factory resources to your GitHub repository.



Once you enable ADF-GitHub integration, you can now save your data factory resources anytime in GitHub. ADF automatically saves the code representation of your data factory resources (pipelines, datasets, and more ) to your GitHub repository. Get more information and detailed steps on enabling Azure Data Factory-GitHub integration.

Our goal is to continue adding features and improve the usability of Data Factory tools. Get started building pipelines easily and quickly using Azure Data Factory. If you have any feature requests or want to provide feedback, please visit the Azure Data Factory forum.

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