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Power BI service update

Published date: October 31, 2018

The latest update to the Power BI service includes the preview of petabyte-scale aggregations built on composite models. 

Enjoy these key benefits:

  • Query performance over big data—As users interact with visuals on Power BI reports, DAX queries are submitted to the Power BI dataset. Boost query speeds by caching data at the aggregated level, using a fraction of the resources required at the detail level. Access big data in a way that would otherwise be impossible.
  • Data refresh optimization—Reduce cache sizes and refresh times by caching data at the aggregated level to speed up data availability for users.
  • Balanced architectures—Allow the Power BI in-memory cache to effectively handle aggregated queries. Limit queries sent to the data source in DirectQuery mode to stay within concurrency limits. Queries that get through tend to be filtered, transactional-level queries, which data warehouses and big-data systems normally handle well.

For more information, see the Power BI blog.


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