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Azure Applied AI Services | Latest public preview enhancements to Azure Form Recogniser

Published date: 05 October, 2021

Azure Form Recogniser customers can now access the following enhancements in preview:

  • Document API: a new API that applies pre-built AI models to automatically extract information from your documents, complementing the existing Custom Forms API so that customers do not have to label and train their own model.  
  • Custom Forms API: signature detection capability, enabling you to specify fields as signatures when training the custom model to determine if there is a signature in the field or not.
  • Receipts API: single-page hotel receipts capability, meaning you can now automatically process this receipt type.
  • ID API: more fields within the US driver’s licence such as endorsements, restrictions and vehicle classifications can be extracted.

In addition, to simplify use of the service, customers can now access the Form Recogniser Studio or take advantage of the new REST APIs that have been redesigned for better usability.

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