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New full stack monitoring capabilities in Azure Monitor

Published date: 24 September, 2018

We’re bringing together our existing capabilities for monitoring infrastructure, apps and networks under the moniker of Azure Monitor to provide a unified offering that delivers full stack monitoring for your applications. With Azure Monitor, you now get:

·        One metric, one log and one alert – A consistent, consolidated experience for metrics, logs and alerts across all tools.

·        Insights for resource groups – Shows the state of all resources in a resource group in a single view. It’s the full stack view that you always wanted. If your application has any issues, whether it be in the code, a container or a VM, you should see it immediately in the resource group view.

·        Insights for virtual machines – Provides an in-depth view of all your VMs. Get the performance and a map of the dependencies and interactions between VMs and other services. (If you liked the Service Map feature, you will love this new Map view.) Plus, we’re introducing a new notion of health for VMs.

In addition to these features, we’re announcing several more exciting new capabilities.

Read our blog post to learn more.

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