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More sign-in options for Microsoft accounts in Microsoft 365

Published date: 10 April, 2019

We’re updating the Microsoft 365 sign-in page for Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to add a new Sign-in options link. The Sign-in options link will only be added to sign-in pages that support Microsoft accounts. If the sign-in page your organisation uses doesn’t support Microsoft accounts, this change doesn’t affect you. To find out whether the sign-in page for your organisation supports personal Microsoft accounts, see Sign-in options for Microsoft accounts.

Once this change has taken place, your users will see a new link that says “Sign-in options” on the sign-in page. Clicking the link shows additional sign-in options that only work with personal Microsoft accounts. The additional sign-in options can’t be used for signing in to work or school account resources.

The new options will be gradually rolled out to Azure AD organisations in early May 2019, and is expected to be rolled out worldwide by the middle of May 2019.



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