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Durable Functions now supports Python

Published date: June 24, 2020

Durable Functions, an extension to Azure Functions that lets you define stateful serverless workflows, now supports Python. Developers and data scientists can now orchestrate complex data processing and data science workloads in Azure Functions using familiar Python language constructs.

A common scenario enabled by Durable Functions is chaining together a sequence of functions to build a long-running data processing pipeline. You write an orchestrator function that uses ordinary Python code to compose a workflow that calls other Azure Functions. Durable Functions takes care of checkpointing progress and retry logic, and you can handle errors in your orchestration with standard try/except statements.

Durable Functions - Orchestrator Function

Another scenario made possible by Durable Functions is fanning out machine learning workloads to perform parallel tasks, taking advantage of the elastic scale offered by the Azure Functions serverless platform.

Durable Functions - Data processing

Read the documentation for more patterns supported by Durable Functions. To get started with Python Durable Functions, try the quickstart.

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