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Azure Time Series Insights Gen2 is now generally available

Published date: 21 July, 2020

Azure Time Series Insights Gen2, our pay-as-you-go IoT Analytics offering, is now generally available and features a number of new capabilities that are powerful yet simple to use:

  • Built for industrial IoT scale to ingest data from millions of devices producing billions of events.
  • Retention-based warm and near-infinite BYO cold stores.
  • Support for Azure Blob and Azure Data Lake Gen2 storage.
  • Native support for highly efficient Apache Parquet file format on cold storage.
  • Time Series model to contextualise IoT data for asset-centric analytics.
  • Native connections to Azure IoT Hub and Event Hubs for ingestion of IoT data streams.
  • A first-class web experience featuring time series modelling, interpolation, scalar and aggregate functions, categorical variables, scatter plots and time-shifting of time series signals to analyse the data.
  • Rich query APIs that support interpolation, scalar and aggregate functions, categorical variables and new conditional logic.
  • PowerBI connector to enable you to take your time series queries directly into PowerBI for a unified view of your data estate. 

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